About Us

About 3D Printed Judaica 

Our Story

Welcome to 3D Printed Judaica, a unique family endeavor nestled in Skokie, Illinois. Here, Sam and his young daughters merge Jewish tradition and Zionism with the lens of modern technology. Our passion for our heritage and for the creative capabilities of 3D printing come together to create unique Judaic pieces.


This Isn't for Profit

Starting October 7, 2023, all proceeds from the sale of our creations are directed towards aiding first responders and promoting Israel advocacy. By engaging with us, you're not just embracing tradition – you’re also contributing to these important initiatives.

Featured Recipient: Dani Buller 

We’re happy to support the work of Dani Buller as he creates hilarious and convincing pro-Israel videos in his unique storytelling style:

Check out some of his incredible work here:



Our Creative Process

In our home studio, each Judaic item is designed, printed, and assembled with care. Our commitment to sustainability is paramount, utilizing plant-based PLA materials in our 3D printing process to ensure that every item is not just a beautiful piece of art but also kind to the planet.


Be Part of Our Journey

We invite you to join our family's journey in tradition and technology. Follow Sam Glassenberg on Twitter or Facebook to see some of his latest projects.