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3D Printed Judaica

Soldier's Prayer - Freestanding Figurine

Soldier's Prayer - Freestanding Figurine

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100% of proceeds are donated to Israeli relief and advocacy efforts.

Embrace a piece of history with this Soldier's Prayer Sculpture, a poignant homage to the iconic '1967 paratroopers at the Western Wall' photo. Each stand is a masterful recreation, not just of the momentous photograph but of the spirit it captures. It features a meticulously sculpted figure set against a textured backdrop inscribed with the Hebrew Prayer for the Soldiers.


  • Small Figurine: 6" wide
  • Large Figurine: 7.5" wide

Each figurine takes approximately 14 hours (small) or 26 hours (large) to print.

Materials: Faux Stone and Faux Gold PLA. 

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